What is The Board’s Role in Business Strategy?

The role of board of directors has changed significantly over the years. The board are now taking on a more hands-on role in growing organisations. Todayʼs boards want to be informed and engaged in the organisation’s activities to make the most of their time and role on the board. While a hands-on approach has huge […]

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What Does a Future Board Look Like?

It’s sometimes hard to predict what things will be like in the future. The good news however is that predicting what a future board looks like is not that difficult. If you want to know what may occur in a future boardroom, you only have to look at the trends. Many boards have learned from […]

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How Not-For-Profits Can Attract Top Board Director Talent

A recent Harvard Business Review article titled, ‘Non-Profits Need to Compete for Top Talent’ mentioned that the Not-For-Profit sector today is facing a huge shortage of talent. To have an impact, social sector organisations need to seek out the best talent across all levels and find better ways to retain them, especially in the boardroom […]

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