Director Dilemma Masterclass: Preparing for Real World Governance Issues

Director Institute – Next Generation Directors presents

Director Dilemma Masterclass: Preparing for Real World Governance Issues

Presented by Julie Garland McLellan

This course has been specially developed to allow practicing and aspiring directors the opportunity to interact with real-world governance issues and apply their own solutions to achieve acceptable outcomes. Director Institute’s Director Dilemma Masterclass is an immersive experiential course entirely driven by hypothetical case studies that have been modelled on real events at real companies in the very recent past. This highly interactive course will ensure that participants drive the content, share emerging good practice, and develop practical tools and skills that can be implemented immediately. Energise your board’s performance by encouraging your directors to attend the Director Dilemma Masterclass.

Key benefits:

  • Heighten awareness of governance issues and practices
  • Develop governance that suits your board, your club and your community
  • Apply your personal ethical framework to board decisions
  • Consider the ultimate consequences of current decisions
  • Practice making decisions and being accountable
  • Gain confidence in implementing decisions and strategies


The Director Dilemma Masterclass will present two scenarios and engage participants in suggesting courses of action to address the issues they raise. Each potential course of action has its own pros and cons; analysing these will assist the participants in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each potential response and developing a strategic course of action that maximises the potential for success. The use of scenarios allows participants to engage with issues rather than attempting to absorb ideas presented as theoretical constructs or regulatory requirements. Governance is an art as much as a science and the ability to practice responses to situations that arise, such as a divisive issue which splits the board leaving the executive with no clear source of direction, or a sudden and concerted effort by a stakeholder group to seize control of the board (and hence the company), will provide course participants with practical insights into group decision-making, maintenance, and their own strengths and weaknesses. This course is designed for directors and senior managers, including:

C-level and senior executives, Board members, Company secretarial, risk management and in-house legal counsel.

Each Masterclass is limited to 25 people only.


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