Top 5 Attributes of Board Leaders

When you think of the type of person that you want to lead your board, there are certain characteristics that you want them to exhibit. The reality is that when you find somebody who shows these traits on a daily basis you just know that they will make a good solid leader. You need them to be a good representation and to get the job done, and their ability to do so in this capacity is a big part of that. Some of these are not necessarily inherent, but they are the type of thing that you work at. There are some people who are natural born leaders but above all else, you need for your board leader to be somebody that you can look to and count on through anything that comes your way. Here are the traits that you want to see naturally occurring in your leader.

1.   Experience

This is not a “one size fits all” type of trait but it does matter. You need to bring with you some good professional experience in order to be a good board leader. You need to exhibit that you have learned things along the way that help to make you qualified for the role. Though you may struggle with other aspects of the job, your experience is what helps to keep you qualified and in charge. It is worth noting that the experience that leaders bring may come in a multitude of different ways. It may be that you have gained valuable experience within the industry. It may be that you had a specific job that made you extremely qualified.

In the end it’s not necessarily about the number of years you have worked in the industry, it’s that you have gained some valuable experience along the way. This helps to strengthen your commitment and helps others feel good about you serving in this role. You want to be sure that you demonstrate this experience early and often to show what makes you a true leader on this board.

2.   Dedication

If you have nothing else going your way, you absolutely need to be dedicated to your role. No matter what comes your way you will see things through until completion. This goes a long way with helping you to establish yourself and be somebody that others know that they can count on. Many others will quit when they face adversity but not a dedicated individual.

It’s not always easy to remain dedicated but you recognize the value of it. You are somebody that others can look to and feel good about having represent them. This goes for other board members as well as the people of the company that you serve. Dedication is a true and concerted effort that you must maintain each and every day to make it work. No matter how tough things may get your dedication is what sets you apart from the rest. You can see that this is the only way that you can remain in a position of leadership. You may not always know the solution but you will stick with it until you get to the end. This is a learned behavior that will help to keep you going strong.

3.   Leadership

You might assume that every board leader should already exhibit leadership, but that’s not necessarily true. The reality is that leaders are naturally born and though this trait can be nurtured, you likely have it or are lacking it. This is your ability to get others to follow you and to naturally be able to navigate through the situations that will inevitably come up.

Your leadership is what helps to set you apart from others in your field. You have a natural ability to lead people and it’s not even a big effort to get them to do that. You are somebody who people look to and who they want to emulate. It’s easy for you to lead through whatever comes your way and that is almost visible to others. It’s a trait that you can work with but if you happen to be a natural leader it definitely goes a lot further. You move into this role with ease and you seem to make things look easy the entire time. You are definitely a good fit for a board or any type of leadership role because it’s who you are naturally.

4.   Professionalism

This should go without saying and yet there are so few people who are true professionals. The reality is that many of us can more likely pinpoint somebody who lacks professionalism. This seems to be a lost art and yet when it comes down to it, this is a very necessary trait for a board member. You want them to be professional in the way that they deal with people and problems.

This isn’t just a matter of experience for it goes beyond that. This is their demeanor in the face of adversity. This is showing a good attitude and always keeping things professional even when it’s difficult. This isn’t always an easy thing to pull off but it’s going something that the individual works at. They recognize the need to remain calm and let their professionalism shine through. This goes a long way in building relationships with people and helping to overcome issues that inevitably come up.

5.   Integrity

At the end of the day you want somebody who is a “stand up” individual. You want somebody who is going to show truth and rise above the challenges. You want somebody who is going to always be true to their position and see everything through to completion. This is a trait that you almost can’t put into words because actions are what really speak loudly here. The integrity that an individual shows is their character, it’s really built into who they are as a person.

They are professional but they are also really great at building relationships with people. They can be trusted and they are sincere and genuine and this goes a long way for them. Though it may not necessarily be something that you can describe you see this at work in an individual on a board. The way that they carry themselves has a lot to do with them. You know that you are dealing with a good solid individual and it shows through in so many different ways. This is the type of person that you want to represent you and you somehow know that it will all be okay. Integrity is a very respectable characteristic of a good leader and who you want on your board.

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