When is it Time to call it Quits?

For weeks now, you have been thinking about quitting your job. You dread getting up in the morning, and you spend every spare second daydreaming about other career opportunities. You know you don’t want to be there anymore, but the fear of the unknown is holding you back. When you have stability and decent benefits in your job, it becomes incredibly difficult to walk away in search of something more – particularly when you have no idea whether or not that something more even exists. Under certain circumstances, however, the time to quit has presented itself loud and clear; you just have to find the courage to follow through.

You Have Mastered All There is to Master

If your work tasks have become rudimentary to you, and there is no way to expand upon your current duties, it might be time to start seeking out new opportunities. In some cases waiting it out even under these circumstances may make sense, especially if there is the possibility of advancement down the line. If you have advanced as far as you can at your current company however, and what you are doing today is exactly what you will be doing in 20 years should you decide to stay. The time to quit has arrived. You can’t continue on long term in a job you are bored and unchallenged in.

Management is Out of Control

This can go a number of ways. Either you are working for a tyrant who attempts to control and dictate everything you do, or you have a boss so lazy and uninvolved that the entire organization is falling to pieces. There are essentially four types of supervisors, with different variations evening out the extremes. The best kind of management is the kind that cares about workers while still demanding a high level of production. When that isn’t achieved, problems can arise. Issues with management reflect directly in the quality of work produced by employees, eventually reflecting directly on you. If you are working for a company where quality has begun to falter at the hands of inadequate management, get out now before your name and reputation is dragged down with this sinking ship.

The Stress is Becoming Too Much

We all react to stress differently, but for most of us stress can begin to manifest itself physically under extreme situations. If you are in a position where the stress is so high that your physical health is beginning to suffer, it is time to start looking for a new career. No job is worth putting yourself at an increased risk for high blood pressure or heart disease. Pay attention to your physical symptoms and talk to a medical practitioner if you fear things are getting out of hand. If your doctor agrees with your assessment that work is beginning to take a toll on your physical health, start looking for ways to make your exit from your current job.

Your Priorities Have Changed

Perhaps you have decided it is time to focus on building a family, and your previous high power career aspirations no longer seem so important. Or maybe you have a newfound desire to travel, and finding a job willing to accommodate that feels like something worth setting your sights on. It doesn’t really matter what the shift is or why it has occurred, we all experience a change in priorities at different stages in our lives. If you have reached a point where your priorities no longer align with your current career, it is time to take a step back and decide if a change in careers might make a difference in your overall life satisfaction.

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